“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.”

When penning the Rime of the Mariner, what did Coleridge think?

With so much water all around, we should have no parched lip,

Yet twixt the water and the lip, there’s many a proverbial slip!

We get water from the rivers and from the melting snow

Water from below the ground and regular rain water flow

We have water in ponds and we have water in lakes

Ironical that men should thirst despite the water that nature makes!


All the water that is there, that bounteous nature lavishes

Is more than enough for mankind’s needs but not for mankind’s ravishes!

If rain water was harvested instead of letting it just slip

Every man could have his fill, we would have no parched lip!


If thirst is a problem here, it’s not for lack of provision

There’s enough water to feed two Earths, but sensible use is our commission

“Waste not, want not” is an age-old saying

Fail to use our brains, and for rain we’ll end up praying!