In his theory of evolution, Darwin stated that “life started in water, it is then evident that it can even end in the absence of water.”

ImageWater is one of the most crucial components on earth which brings life to us but subject to human nature, we tend to take it for granted. Today, most of the world is facing a shortage of clean water and industrialisation, increasing population and climate changes are adding up to the severity of this problem. The agriculture industry completely depends on water supplies for irrigation, which then provides the second most essential necessity for life – food. The increasing population and rising standard of living in the metros has increased the per capita consumption of water, but we fail to realise that water as a renewable resource does not really renew as fast as we are consuming it. The uneven and disturbed rain patterns around the globe and melting glaciers increase the risk further. The natural peril can never be controlled but can be managed for good; we see floods and melting ice packs in a lot of areas every year, but it is a disgrace that all this water goes waste. If we could walk the moon decades ago, we can at least manage our water resources to build a sustainable future.

India, where agriculture is the most dominant source of employment – a farmer dies of thirst; and a farmer even commits suicide because of persistent droughts. In some areas, the only time water seen is in the eyes, and that too is saline. African continent, fairly rich with water resources, thousands die because of poor quality of water. In China, floods for four months in a year still leaves back stressed usable water sources. A lot more nations today suffer from water scarcity and most of these nations are rapidly developing nations with a high economic growth rate. The problem is that the world today is centred on things like nuclear power, FOREX reserves, oil blocks, etc.

The scarcity of clean water is purely a case of mismanagement and lack of vision in this area of problem, it is not that we can’t do anything about it; it is just that we are not doing anything. There have been some initiatives by the government to rectify the problem but as usual they are still bonded hard to the papers. Speaking of India, the water quadrilateral scheme was introduced in late 90s where a manmade channel would have connected the country and managed the demand and supply of water, in accordance to the droughts and floods. Rain-water harvesting, glacier channels and a lot more, technology and human intelligence have so much to offer to a solution to this problem, but we are not directing our forces there.

The systems alone are not sufficient to solve the problem; it is more about individual realization and efforts. Now is the time we stop wasting and start saving. Each of us no matter in which country state or city, no matter how developed or undeveloped; have to start managing water be it in natural environment, households, workplaces, manufacturing units – everywhere!!

Keep in mind, when God promised the daily bread, he never mentioned anything about water – that is something we have to take care of.